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St. Augustine White Room Photographer | William & Emily

I had an awesome time photographing and getting to know William and Emily. They are so fun and full of life. They definitely don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have a great time! Their wedding was celebrated at the beautiful White Room Loft and Rooftop. Dawn from The Wedding Authority was their wedding planner and she is allllways amazing!  🙂

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William and Emily chose to do a “first look” before the wedding, to see each other, take some photos and get rid of their nervous jitters!  🙂
will emily_0005
will emily_0006
will emily_0007
will emily_0008
will emily_0009
will emily_0010
will emily_0011
Remember what I said about not taking themselves too seriously….. 🙂
will emily_0012
will emily_0013
will emily_0014
will emily_0015
will emily_0016
will emily_0017
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will emily_0019
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will emily_0026
The Conservatorie decorated the ceremony and reception areas and did such a beautiful job.
will emily_0027
will emily_0028
will emily_0053
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will emily_0030
will emily_0031
will emily_0032
will emily_0033
will emily_0034
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will emily_0039
will emily_0040
will emily_0041
I love this series of photos from Emily’s dance with her dad. He is a big fan of Dub-Step (in fact, he’s the only reason I know what it is!) and they started off their dance with a Sarah McLachlan song and in the middle they transitioned it to Dub-Step. He was SO excited! 🙂 
will emily_0042
will emily_0043
will emily_0044
will emily_0045
will emily_0046
will emily_0047
will emily_0048
will emily_0049
will emily_0050
William and Emily had one last dance alone together to end the night. 
will emily_0051

will emily_0052

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